Light Republic Ongoing Response To Covid 19

HM Government has published guidance for the re-opening of photography studios (non-essential retail category).  Light Republic has followed the guidance closely and can confirm that its premises and operations are Covid-secure.

The team here at Light Republic would like to let you know everything we are doing to keep our customers and staff safe and well:

  • When you arrive at the studio you will be asked to wash your hands. There is a bathroom on the ground floor to allow this.  You should also wash your hands again on your way out.
  • We will maintain social distancing from you at all times. You are highly unlikely to meet other Light Republic clients because we are including significant gaps between our scheduled sessions.
  • We are maintaining robust hygiene standards; all hard surfaces are being cleaned between appointments. This includes all door handles that are likely to be touched in the building (including the entrance area, studio, bathroom), hard surfaces in the studio, props, bathroom taps etc.  We are using a tick sheet to ensure we don’t forget anything.  This will be on display in the studio, to provide reassurance.
  • We will ask you to arrive at the building no more than 5 minutes before your appointment and leave 5 minutes afterwards.  This will ensure a 30-minute gap between customers, giving us time to prepare for the arrival of each family and do the cleaning.
  • We are following advice from HM Government and will change our response to the outbreak, as new advice emerges.

We are open for business and hope the measures outlined will reassure you.  The studio is not a public place where large groups congregate, so there’s no reason not to enjoy a trip to us with the people you live with, as long as everyone in the group is symptom-free.  And as long as you can travel to us safely, whilst maintaining social isolation (e.g. by car).

Of course, if you do need to stay at home, we will postpone your session and honour your package, extending the deadline as needed.  We would just ask that you let us know in advance.  And should our staff need to self-isolate, requiring the studio to close temporarily, we will let you know as soon as possible and reschedule your appointment.