Headshot Session – FAQs

What Does My Headshot Session Involve?
At the end of whole process you will end up with 3 high resolution retouched images to use as you wish.

First, we like to do a pre-shoot consultation over the phone so that we can get a proper appreciation of what you are looking for (you also speak to the photographer at the beginning of the session). The photo session itself lasts an hour. This gives us plenty of time to try a few different looks, background and lighting techniques, but of course we are guided by your needs. You can also bring outfit changes. The fee also includes the image editing, an online gallery for your proofs, and the final retouching of your selected 3 high resolution images.

Can The Headshots Package Be Modified?
Yes these are the basic adjustments but let us know if you would like a completely bespoke package:
Team Session (2-6 People): +£50
Additional 30 minutes +£60
Additional 60 minutes +£100
You can use the payment form to calculate the package cost (click HERE):

What Happens After The Shoot?
After the session we will edit the photos and do some basic corrections (cropping, brightness, monochrome conversion etc) and put them online for you in a private gallery. Expect a choice of 40-50 from an hour’s session. You can take your time making your final selection and share the gallery with friends or colleagues. After you have selected your 3 images, we will prepare them as final high resolution images. At this stage you can request any personal retouching that you require.

Do You Provide Hair and Make-up?
No – you would do this yourself or make your own arrangements. We have also published a separate article on how to prepare best for a headshot session (click HERE).

What if I need to reschedule or cancel the appointment?
We do not provide refunds but we can reschedule the appointment for you. We offer 1 complimentary rescheduling and further reschedule shoots would incur an additional £75 fee.

What Retouching Do You Undertake?
We optimise the final high res images in a photographically optimal way, but can also request personal enhancements. Usually this might involve spots, and wrinkles and skin-smoothing etc. We can make other alterations such as face shape, but recommend that any changes are subtle so that the final image is not mis-representative.

How Do You Deliver The Images?
We give you access to your final high res images in a permanent online gallery. You can make unlimited downloads so this is a great way to share the images with friends or colleagues (just send them the gallery URL). Images are highest quality JPEGs (the file size is likely to be in the range 4-10Mb).

Can I Buy Extra Images?
Yes additional high resolution retouched images cost £40 each. You can decide about this once you have assessed the proofs.

Can You Crop The Images To My Exact Specifications?
Yes – just let us know what you need (eg square crops for LinkedIn).

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