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We live in the digital age so you are sure to take many of your own photographs of your baby. But at Light Republic we are not taking photographs: we are creating works of art. Our aim is to produce a portrait so beautiful and charming that it will be treasured in your family for generations.

Baby photography requires a bit more preparation than other studio sessions. The most important advice is to book a session where the timing suits your baby. For older babies, the session should start just after a nap, so that they are in their best mood. For newborn baby photography, a good feed just before the session also often helps, because, from a photography perspective, a sleepy newborn baby is the best way to start. But we do allow plenty of time to settle and feed the baby at any time during the session.

You should, of course, dress your baby according to your own preferences. But we do recommend that, at some point, you strip the baby down to bare skin. Parents are also welcome to go bare-chested because baby and parent skin tones – particularly in monochrome photos – can be really striking. We ensure that the studio is nice and warm so baby is comfortable. Another tip is to loosen the baby’s happy about 30-60 minutes before you come to the studio to minimise skin marks. Finally remember to bring in any favourite toys or props that you would like photographed.

Recommended: Baby Photography Experience – £125

Telephone consultation  –  One hour photo shoot  –  Viewing consultation  –  £125 credit towards prints & products

Baby Shoot – Client Testimonial


“A wonderful pleasant experience! The photographer put both my husband and I at ease and our 15 week old baby boy had a whale of a time! I especially felt rather nervous and vulnerable about being photographed so soon after having baby but all my worries were put to rest as our baby photographer was warm and relaxed and made me feel like it was just another play time with baby and daddy! I even breast fed halfway through the shoot in complete peace and then baby carried on being snapped happily! Viewing the images with Gary was hassle free and he kept us up to date every step of the way. We would recommend them 100%! ”

Bethany Ramsey

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