Gangsters and Angels!

Most of photography sessions are geared around family photography. But owing to our creative photography and Photoshop skills, we occasionally we get unusual requests. Last year for example we helped Alexandra Sawyer and Mee Music with their album cover.  More recently, a client’s brief centred on a smoked-filled gangster portrait that also highlighted his upper body muscle definition. This one was our favourite gangster image from the session (we added the smoke in post-production).

Gangster Smoking A Cigar

Even more intriguingly, our client also wanted a shot inspired by Banksy’s Fallen Angel.  Banksy’s stencil shows a despairing angel. He is holding a lit cigarette, with a bottle of alcohol at the feet. The halo still glows strongly though suggesting that he might yet find his feet. Our client was photographed in the studio against a plain background and then cut out.  We then completed the overall image in a fairly complex Photoshop project (the doorway and smoke were sourced from a stock library; and thanks to Mirella Santana and Deviant Art for the angel wing).

Fallen Angel in Doorway