How To Prepare For A Baby Portrait Session in the Studio

Right from day one, babies are always the most photographed family members. Everyone wants a snap of the action! But at the photography studio we are aiming at creative works of art. Something a little more crafted to pass down the generations.


The start of a successful baby shoot is in good preparation. And the single most important aspect of good preparation lies in the timing of the session.

Generally mornings are better, but it should always be after a nap, so that the baby is in the best possible mood (many parents find 11am to be a good time of day).

The one caveat is newborn babies – when we recommend a feed just before coming to the studio. The reason is that sleeping newborn babies makes for great photography; and all going well, we will have a happy awake baby for the second half of the session. Of course, at Light Republic we understand that not everything goes to plan, so we build in plenty of time for the baby to feed, rest and be generally calmed.

The outfits and dresses for the shoot are all about personal preferences. Bring plenty of colourful baby grows, hats and outfits – whatever reflects your and your baby’s personality. We do recommend, however, that the baby is stripped down to his or her nappy at some point during the session. A baby’s skin tones are especially good for high contrast monochrome photographs; and for this reason, many parents also love skin to skin shots. We can also capture nude photos of your baby if you prefer, but bear in mind that is a high chance of an accident – so perhaps bring a spare set of clothes for the parents. Either way, we keep the studio warm for the baby’s comfort.

Some parents worry about little bruises sand scratches that appear just before the studio shoot. This is not a problem at for us, because we can airbrush out any imperfections and blemishes (even flaky skin to some extent!). As a general rule though, it’s a good idea to bring a soft wash cloth for wiping eyes and mouths as the session progresses.

Our final advice to parents is to prepare well and then relax as much as possible (whatever the behaviour of the baby). We can also schedule another session if things do not work as well as expected.

You can see examples of Light Republic’s baby photography here.

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