Why You Need Professional Headshots


It’s no secret that we live in an age where people love taking “selfies” with their smartphones. We love to do this when we’re out and about. And we enjoy capturing special moments with our friends and loved ones. Some of us might even take things a step further and use a selfie stick for the ultimate snap!

Selfies are okay if you want to have a laugh with your friends. But, if you use those photos to get a job, for example, others won’t take you that seriously. In fact, there are many reasons why professional headshot photos are a better idea. Let me share with you some examples of situations where they make sense:

You want to look your best

Let’s face it: that photo of you downing a pint or tucking into a burger isn’t flattering. Sure, it might reveal a humorous side to you. But, that isn’t the sort of image you want to portray in a professional world.

A headshot photo taken by a photographer will always capture you in the best light. Some people think they aren’t photogenic. It might surprise them to learn that everyone can look good in a photo! It all comes down to the skills of a professional photographer.

Not only do they have the right skills, but they’ve also got the best tools for the job. They don’t use an iPhone camera or a disposable one. Photographers use advanced, state of the art equipment to take headshot photos.

You want to promote yourself on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network that professionals use. People use the site for connecting with others in their industry. They also use it to find jobs and hire people too. Businesses also create “company” pages on the social network.

Statistics show that LinkedIn profiles with photos will have more views than those without. It goes without saying that those with professional headshot photos will get higher views. If you want to promote yourself on LinkedIn, the text content of your profile is only part of the story.

It must also portray a professional image that appeals to future employers and businesses.

You want to promote a brand

Many people often promote themselves as a brand. Examples include celebrities, entrepreneurs, politicians and more. As you can appreciate, people wish to know more about you both as a brand and a person. One of the ways to convey the right image to your target audience is by showing a professional photo.

Think of any notable person that is also a brand in their own right. Now look at all photos of them on official websites, blogs and social media. One thing that is common across the board is how they all use professional headshot photos.

They do this because they want their “brand” to appeal to the wider market. Compare yourself to a physical product. Which photo do you think would appeal more: the professional one, or the camera phone one? Everyone will answer that the former is more appealing, of course!

Professional headshot photos are brilliant for public relations

Let’s say that you are self-employed and wish to promote the services that you offer. A professional headshot photo is useful for things like press releases and other publications.

When journalists and the media write a story about you, they will usually ask for some photos of you. That’s because they want to tell the world about you. Your photos will show their readers how sincere and professional you are.

Self-promotion is easier if you’ve got some professional headshot photos available to share.

You are writing a book

Are you an author? If so, you will no doubt want a page in your book telling readers about you, the author. People love to learn more about the individuals behind the titles that they read.

You’re good at telling a story. Why not accompany the bio section in your book with a decent photograph of yourself? It shows readers that there’s a real person behind the words. Plus, it lets people know what you look like if you arrange book-signing days!

You want to try online dating

Are you looking for love? If so, you might have thought that an old family photo or two might “do” for your profile. The truth is: your photos might be letting you down!

In some ways, online dating is akin to applying for a job. Your profile and photographs make up your online CV. You want people to find your profile and read more about you. But, the sad truth is most will only look at a photo to make a judgement.

You might have written a beautiful profile for an online dating site. But, if you’re wondering why few people are taking an interest in you, it could be down to your pictures!

Believe it or not, professional headshot photos are brilliant ways to get attention. They make you stand out from the crowd and more likely to get people contacting you.

And if you contact others first, they are far more likely to offer a positive response. Some studies have shown that professional headshot photos offer a higher success rate.

You want to show people that you are successful

Others will tell you that success gets measured in many different ways. What they might not tell you is your photograph is often a clue to your success!

We all have photographs of ourselves for promotion. And we promote ourselves in different ways using them. Some of us have photos to help us build a personal brand. Others use them to get a job.

In any case, you want others to know that you’re good at what you do. A selfie taken on a smartphone just doesn’t cut the mustard! If you want people to see that you are a successful person, you need a professional photo that shows that fact.

You want to become the next Mel Gibson or Angelina Jolie

Acting is a profession that relies on one’s looks and charms to get work. Each person is their own brand. It makes sense to show off your personal brand with some stunning photographs.

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