Studio Photographs for Dating Websites

Over the last seven years, the use of internet dating websites has quadrupled alongside changing lifestyles and attitudes. Organised match-making is no longer the reserve of awkward misfits; and the stigma that use to shadow such dating has well and truly gone. and eharmony are now household names; and there is proliferation of specialist niches catering for all types of people and needs.

There is even a website for parents who want to date! The main problem that people now encounter when joining up is not misapprehension or nerves, but which photographs to upload. That photo of your drunken night out with your friends might be good for Facebook but will not help your dating diary. Putting this extreme aside, many people do still make the mistake of uploading poorly executed and unflattering portraits to their favourite dating website.

This is where Light Republic comes in – with our Midweek Headshots Package. This voucher offers you an hour’s midweek shoot, where we will photograph you under a number of different lighting styles and outfit changes. Once the images are fully processed, you will then choose your favourite images to own as high resolution files (ready for printing) and web-ready files (for direct use with the dating websites).