The Joy Of Pregnancy Photos

If you’ve just found out that you’re expecting, you may be considering whether you want a bump photo. This is an option that many soon to be mothers consider, for a whole variety of reasons. There are plenty of advantages to having a photo like this taken in a studio. Here are some of the reasons why it is such a popular choice.

There is something quite spiritual about enjoying pregnancy photography taken by a professional in a studio. Just imagine, holding your belly, body bare to the world with pride and confidence. You will feel connected to the baby and life growing inside you in a new and exciting way. It can present an overwhelming and incredible feeling of motherhood before you even give birth. This is a serene moment that can be captured in time and treasured with a photo to show how you felt.

There is no doubt that pregnant women look incredibly beautiful. Motherhood does wonderful things to the body and gives a cool, clear glow. Pregnant women often look refreshed and revitalised with clear skin and bright eyes. Perhaps it’s the hormones rushing through the body or the joy of being a mother? Either way, many women feel that they look the most beautiful when they are pregnant. In a studio, you’ll be able to capture that beauty and hold onto it for everyone to see.

Feeling Confident About Your Body
There are many women who don’t like having their pictures taken because they are uncomfortable with the way their body looks. However, these women still adore getting pregnant photos taken. You might have been unhappy with your size before but when you’re pregnant a little excess weight just looks natural. You can finally be happy having a photograph taken and due to this, you’ll be able to show off your true beauty.

Pregnant Woman in Photo Studio

Celebrity Trends
Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian and other stars have shown the world their pregnant bodies.  These women felt proud of the way they looked and were not ashamed to show the profound beauty of pregnancy. This is one of the reasons why professional baby bump photos have become so popular. Women are eager to follow in the footsteps of their favourite stars. If you want your pregnancy photo to look like theirs, you need a professional. They’ll capture the moment that you want to last.

Growing Family
Taking a baby bump photo with your first or second child included is a great way to show your family is growing. It’s something wonderful that you can share with your other children or the father. You will have a photo that perfectly captures that moment in time as your family started to grow. You can even have a picture that shows your child interacting with their soon to be baby brother or sister in a cute, endearing way. This could be the child looking up at you or looking at your tummy. They might even have their hand on your tummy, welcoming their baby sibling into the world.

A Memory You Can Pass On
One day, that little one you are carrying will grow up, and it will happen sooner than you think. When this happens, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could share what you looked like when you were pregnant with them? With a professional pregnancy photo, you will be able to. They will love looking back and being able to see the way you were when you were carrying them, years ago.

A Beautiful Piece Of Art
Many mums who get a pregnancy photo taken choose to display it in their home. As we already noted, this can show how your family has grown. You can have the photograph positioned next to other pictures of your family. This will make a historical display of photos from early pregnancy up to late childhood. Due to the photos being taken in a studio, this will look like a true artistic collection. However, unlike most pieces of art, it will show something that is personal to you and your family.

It’s Great Fun
Having a pregnancy photo taken can be a lot of fun. Many pregnant women love having the photos taken so much that they do it for every child they have. It’s not hard to understand why women love this so much. Aside from the other reasons we’ve mentioned, you will be able to try out different styles. Not all pregnancy photos will look the same. Some are taken in black and white while others have a certain theme. Speaking to a professional photographer, you will love choosing the perfect style for your photo.

Having a pregnancy photo taken gives you a chance to start getting creative.  You can leave the theme or style up to the photographer, but there’s nothing stopping you planning it yourself. For instance, rather than posing for the camera, you can get the photographer to take a picture when you are looking away. This can make the photo seem more natural and less like you have spent hours posing for it. As well as this, looking away from the shot can give the photo a feeling of intimacy. Rather than being connected to the idea of taking the image, you will be lost in the connection that you are sharing with your future child.

Completely Affordable
Professional pregnancy photos aren’t as expensive as you might think. In fact, the price will depend on what you want and typically how many prints you need. Therefore, if you only need one print in a frame, you will find the cost is affordable and completely worth it. For a small cost, you will always have the memory of your best moment being pregnant.

Always Remember
Finally, pregnancy does not last forever, and the feeling that you hold now will soon be gone. That connection that you currently have with your little baby growing inside you can not be repeated. However, you don’t have to let that feeling go. You can hold onto it with a beautiful image that you can treasure forever.

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