How We Enhance Our Images

Image-making is not just about capturing the image on camera: it's also about post-production. This article looks a little behind the scenes at the work involved after an image has been captured on camera.

Preparing for a baby shoot in the photography studio

Right from day one, babies are always the most photographed family members. Everyone wants a snap of the action! But at the photography studio we are aiming at creative works of art. Something a little more crafted to pass down the generations.

The Benefits of Professional Headshot Photos

Selfies are okay if you want to have a laugh with your friends. But, if you use those photos to get a job, for example, others won't take you that seriously. In fact, there are many reasons why professional headshot photos are a better idea.

Using Your High Res Images Purchased From The Studio

This short video is for Light Republic customers who have purchased a collection of high resolution images from the studio. It explains how to download the image files from the private gallery on to your computer. As well as downloading the full image files, there is the option to purchase prints and products directly from our partner professional lab.

Introducing The Alumini Print

Of all our wall display products, it is the Alumini Print that creates the biggest impression when clients first visit our Surrey studio. There is simply nothing close to this available in the high street.

Studio Photographs for Dating Websites

Over the last seven years, the use of internet dating websites has quadrupled alongside changing lifestyles and attitudes. Organised match-making is no longer the reserve of awkward misfits; and the stigma that use to shadow such dating has well and truly gone.

Directions To Light Republic

Our studio is in Church Street in the centre of Epsom - about 5 minutes walk from Epsom train station. Church street is well known for the ambulance, fire and police stations.

High-key and low-key studio photography

Labelling small differences in photography styles can sometimes be superficial, but there are some broad genres in studio photography that are sometimes useful to think about. Most people understand the difference between colour and black and white, but not always the distinction between high key and low key photography.